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 Anything worth doing is worth doing well. 
common inhibiting axiom
Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. 
If it's worth doing, it's worth doing. 
If I can't do it well, I'll do it anyway. 
Mindy Cairn



There are opportunities to dance and sing and play and listen to live music anywhere from Maine to California.

If you can't find anything, start something!



July 13

Ukiah Brewing Company


entertaining electric eclectica

this not the name of the band but a description of their performance




Brett VanPatten & Darin Smith, et al




Possible Futures

Opening set by this fresh young band from Lake County.  Tuneful melodies and thoughtful words, and their charming stage presence make them lots of fun to see & hear. 



outside, a different show






Redwood Valley





July 12

Happy Birthday to Burl Hash



July 11

Ukiah contradance meeting

doing some of the work that makes dances happen

coming up

September 8 - Julian Trio!

next dance in the more-than-20-year-history of this popular community event

second Saturday - September through June

Ukiah Methodist Church, entrance on Bush between Perkins & Standley

7 PM-how to, 7:30-DANCE

info at 468-5008


there's lots of information about the history and practice of contradancing,

listings of dances in the bay area and throughout the US can be found on line and at various libraries, and schedules are usually available from local media


once you try it you will want to do it again and again and again and again and again


Julian Trio Plus One - March 13, Ukiah - Ken Cuccia calling





July 9

KZYX BOD meeting kzyx.org

Please support your community radio station, wherever it is.  Our community radio stations are vital to the life of our society.  If you are not satisfied with your local community radio station, work to change it.  A community radio station is difficult to establish.  It is nearly impossible to re-establish a community radio station.  The air-waves belong to us, however the FCC, for now, is in control.  They set the rules for licensure .  They have no compunctions about revoking the license of one entity and giving it to another qualifying entity in the area  The care and continuation of a community radio station depends on the support and dedication of the community it serves.  If you want something different than what is being broadcast on your community radio station, work constructively to achieve the station you envision.  Whether or not you like the current format or content or structure, give time and/or money and work to change the existing station.  If you are not happy with everything you are hearing from your community radio station, listen to nothing for awhile, then get to work on behalf of an essential part of our community.  Please support your community radio station.



Happy Birthday to Sarah



July 7

Happy Birthday to Pip


last month I had to miss a performance by Round Mountain www.roundmountainmusic.com Pip's cousins, FAR-West pals of mine, fabulous performers, when they played here in the neighborhood of Round Mountain, tho' the show was closer to Round Valley.  Pip and they and I and others had fun all together in Portland, ME, summer 2010 or 2011. 



Are these trees old enough to be away from home?

it's 11 pm - do you know where your trees are?






Fourth of July in Mendocino


It's a parade!
















Big River Beach




Calvert-McClannahan family


Corwin Zekley, www.corwin.us


Then lunch and a little al fresco, impromptu music - 2 musicians, 1 instrument, loads of talent 

and 1 lapsed musician




Locally produced by Larry Fuente, internationally celebrated -

a small portion of this remarkable art car in its home environment





June 19
Another MendoCo BOS meeting about the Harris Quarry expansion. 
As expected, the BOS did what they wanted to do - voted in favor of PROGRESS and assured us GROWTH it is best for all.  www.keepthecode.info
Many people addressed these groups in the course of 3 meetings held this spring.  At the final meeting of the BOS, they appeared to be disinterested, but one speaker had them a bit more alert.  Ed Reinhart, who has lived in the area off and on for decades, recently returned to Redwood Valley.  He was horrified to learn what was proposed for Harris Quarry.  His extemporaneous, heart-felt,  articulate expression of his intense feelings filled the chambers for 3 minutes with passion and reason no one could ignore.(see June 15) 
Here are some of the words I spoke and sent to the Board of Supervisors and to the Planning Commission
remarks to the  BOS, April       remarks to the Planning Commission, May      remarks to the BOS, June


June 18

Happy Birthday to Bob Childs and to Phyllis Barney

Buddy MacMaster and Liz Carroll in Concert

for the benefit of Childsplay  


On Friday April 28, 2006 Buddy MacMaster and Liz Carroll will be the featured performers in a benefit concert for Childsplay. The concert will be held at the Portland High School Auditorium,

 284 Cumberland Avenue in Portland, ME - these two renowned fiddlers will perform individually. 

The legendary Cape Breton Island musical elder, Buddy MacMaster, will be accompanied by Dedo Norris. 

Liz Carroll, dazzling, delightful, winner of All-Ireland fiddle competitions, will play original and traditional Irish music, accompanied by Mark Simos. 

The concert will also feature two members of the group Childsplay as guest artists: step dancer Kieran Jordan and Maine fiddler Ellen Gawler.


Sponsored in part by WMPG www.wmpg.org  Stage decoration and performer hospitality provided by carneybairn.  Childsplay www.childsplay.org

 Folk Alliance-SanDiego  www.folk.org
Waybabes, Moultonborough, NH





June 15


It was an evening of groovy music, friendly visiting on-stage and off, hot dancing at a local club, Ukiah Brewing Company, www.ukiahbrewingco.com  Music was from a local pickup band who did not practice or discuss their performance in advance.  They are long-time friends and collaborators, each is an extremely talented musician, so they were able to produce a night of energetic music, without rehearsal.  A brief band break offered a short performance by Eli Raitt.    


Band members pictured here are guitar, Alex DeGrassi, www.degrassi.com;bass, Jim Gable; voice, rhythm, flute, guitar, humor, David Raitt; guitar, pedal steel, John Mattern, www.johnmattern.com.  Other band members were Derek Soderquist, drums; keyboard, Spencer Brewer, www.spencerbrewer.com  and Ed Reinhart.  This picture includes a soulful, skillful harmonica player from Redwood Valley.  I don't remember his name but I recognize his playing and his lovely personality.  Hes not shown, but the local club staff provided a ringer, a blazing lead guitar player.  His name, I don't remember; I know that elsewhere I've been impressed by his talent and artistry.


Off-stage are Jim Lacy, in an appropriate and attractive guitar-covered shirt; Eli Raitt, worthy heir to a stellar family, headed to Berklee Music Camp for the summer; Betty Lacy, artist of note, and medical professional, headed to grout camp; Ed Reinhart, musician, singer, entertaining entertainer, and community activist.(see 6-19)


At the end of the night, lots of people had enjoyed themselves, some good music was made and appreciated, and a donation made to SPACE, www.spaceperformingarts.org scholarship fund, $1000!




The pictures below are from the event at which I met Cecil Abels (see Marc Hansen)

HenryFest 2006, at the home of Holly and John Williams, North Yarmouth, ME


An unusual configuration of New England Bluegrass Band

Amanda Kowalski, bass; Cecil Abels, guitar; Lincoln Meyers (green shirt), guitar;

Joe Walsh, mandolin; Ron Cody, banjo; Darol Anger, fiddle.



   This summer, look for some of these performers at Governor's Inn, Rochester, NH www.governorsinn.com




     HenryFest has a new home, Skyline Farm, North Yarmouth, where it has become an eagerly awaited event of early autumn, drawing performers, participants, and audience from all ages and all areas.




Below:  Peter Milliken, with imitator, at H'Fest, 2009, Skyline Farm.



please support local arts organizations


and local artists


Ruby Mountain String Band www.therubymountainstringband.com, Ukiah, April 14 



and local dances - Ukiah February or March






September 1

Dover Contradance, Dover City Hall, NH  8-10:40 PM, first Thursday, for many years, Lamprey River Band - guest musicians and callers welcome 603-664-2513 or peter.yarensky@unh.edu





to the east


June 21


June 11 - 
West Road - Laura Smith and Darin Smith dacelbot@gmail.com  This sister and brother have been among the most active members of the music community throughout the north coast - playing, teaching, sharing music and some of their other myriad of talents and their warm personalities. 

KEN OLCOTT kgolcott@mindspring.com knows dances old and new which he teaches with skill and wit, then calls them with an energy that keeps the dancers flowing.





 MAY 14   -  10 AM KZYX-FM  Humble Pie with Jimmy Humble, 10 AM, in-studio performance by the JULIAN TRIO


7 PM UKIAH CONTRA DANCE - See March 12 or September 10 for dance details.

Calling by Celia Ramsay www.celiaramsay.com

Music by the Julian Trio - Julian McClanahan-Calvert, Brad McClanahan, Michael Charnes.  Some of my favorite people, well-loved community members,  playing hot contra music.  New CD will be released in August from Julian Trio Plus One (Darin Smith)  www.myspace.com/thejuliantrio





The exhibit "Look At Who We Are: Stories of Home" opened at the Grace Hudson Museum www.gracehudsonmuseum.org

with dramatic presentation of period writings by historian Linda Pack www.lindapack.com  

Grace Magruder Provan is serving as guest curator of the exhibit on display through June 19, 2011.  

From the Ukiah Daily Journal www.ukiahdailyjournal.com   Magruder Provan was inspired to put the exhibit together upon returning to her family's Ingel-Haven Ranch in Potter Vallley  www.pottervalleywater.org/ingle-haven.html, sayying "As a young woman I didn't know anything about this place," adding "It's been fun rolling up my sleeves, digging through the crevices of this town and learning about the diverse people who have been attracted here."   According to Roberta Werdinger www.facebook.com/people/Roberta-T-Werdinger  "While Grace is activce in local theatrical organizations, her efforts ahve already served to acquaint all of us, whether native, t ransplant, or local who has returned, with this wondrous, often uninvestigated place where we plant ourselves."


MARCH 12  - Ukiah Contra Dance with Bob O'Brien, caller, Grass Valley resident and fellow community radio presenter http://www.kvmr.org/,  and music by Zekley Family Band, Mickey, Elizabeth, Corwin.  It was a weekend of making music in Ukiah for the coastal Zekley Family and they made irresistible dance music.  http://www.familyband.net/  Not only do they make wonderful music but they have been the driving force behind the famous Lark Camp http://www.larkcamp.com/.  In addition to the usual dancers the first-time dancers, and the occasional dancers, dozens of Ukiah High students and friends FILLED the hall with people, energy, FUN.   



March 11 
Lots of fun for all the adults and kids and musicians - short, though...
Julian Trio Plus One - Julian McClanahan-Calvert, Brad McClanahan, Michael Charnes, Darin Smith

Ukiah Civic Center - 6:30 music, film at 7:30 PM, Peregrine Audubon Society Benefit


After he played, Julian and I went to see some of his contemporaries, more long-time local performers. 

Tons of talent in these young players and writers 
Corwin & Fiona

Clay St House Concerts, Ukiah, CA 707-462-4210 - potluck 6:30, concert 7:30